The EE team conducts research on the water cycle and the fate of pollutants in urban catchments.

The team has also developed skills to investigate the transfer of pollutants in stormwater infiltration systems, including heavy metals, organics and colloids, supported by advanced chemical analytical capacities.

Recently, they developed a speciality in microphysics, based on specific experiments (model porous media) and modelling approaches. The EE team often collaborates with GMG team (T. Lenoir) for geotechnical procedures for the use of concrete and adjuvant to produce model porous media, and with ENPC – Navier team for the development of leaching column experiments inside MRI device (D. Courtier-Murias). The EE and GMG teams are currently developing a new platform for solid microanalyses (SEM, XRF).

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Team members involved in the project

Pierre-Emmanuel Peynaud Béatrice Béchet
Thomas Lenoir Denis Courtier-Murias