University of Palermo

The soil hydrology team at the Agriculture and Forest Sciences Department of the University of Palermo (Italy) conducts research on soil hydraulic characterization and modeling of hydrologic processes occurring at the soil surface and the vadose zone.

The scientific expertise of this group in the project concerns:

  1. characterization and assessment of hydrological properties of soils and water flow in the surface soil layer;
  2. development of simple and rapid methods for soil hydraulic characterization directly in the field, taking into account non-rigidity and heterogeneity of the porous medium.

The group has expertise in field and laboratory experiments and also in modelling approaches. In particular, the group has a strong expertise in water infiltration experiments and it is among the internationally leading teams in designing and modelling of water infiltration experiments.

Relevant publications

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Team members involved in the project

Vincenzo Bagarello Massimo Iovino