LEM – BPOE team

LEM BPOE team is part of a CNRS, U. Lyon 1 & VetAgro Sup research Unit.

The BPOE – Opportunistic Bacterial Pathogens and Environment group will lead investigations on the fate of bacterial contaminants in porous materials.

The group’s main research focuses on the environmental epidemic spread of opportunistic bacterial pathogens, including their dissemination through agricultural and urban practices. Among others, they have performed bacterial genetic population analyses allowing investigations of the relations between genetic drifts and the invaded or colonized habitats. They have performed several studies on the interactions between sugar ligands and bacterial cells including the analysis of adhesines such as LecA and LecB. They have investigated the incidence of sugar ligands but also pollutants on bacterial aggregation phenotype for P. aeruginosa but also E. coli producing shiga-toxins.

This group has developed several public–private collaborative projects for the development glycomimetics, but also to improve detection methods for pathogens such as pathogenic E. coli, Nocardia cyriacigeorgica, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Team members involved in the project

Benoît Cournoyer Veronica Rodriguez-Nava
Laurence Marjolet Emmanuelle Bergeron