The FENNEC team (Formation et Elaboration de Nanomatériaux et Cristaux) of Institut Lumière Matière is one of the leading French laboratories devoted to the development of luminescent hybrid nanomaterials for environmental applications.

It has access to a wide range of experimental apparatus, analysis platforms and automatic preparation systems. The laboratory has invested knowledge and enthusiasm over many years into tracer optimization, from the fundamental choice of constitutes to the real on-site application of techniques.

Recent publications as well as patented technologies demonstrate the feasibility of TRF tracers (probe and detector) in complexes medium such as the biological domain and the petroleum exploitation. The close collaboration with start-ups (Axint SAS, Nano-H SAS) will help in ensuring the connection between the academic and the industrial domains.

Relevant publications

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Team members involved in the project

Matteo Martini Lionel Marcon